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Real-time database replication (almost!)

  1. Been fortunate enough to join the first batch (i think!) of Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) in Malaysia.
  2. OGG is the real-time database replication app which enhance Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).
  3. I’ve seen the reason why database replication are important nowadays. One that I can relate is the emerging of cloud computing which need replication geographically.
  4. Replication used by Disaster Recovery (DR) not usually replicate real-time.
  5. OGG in my oppinion is not suite for DR eventho it can do the job well.
  6. It suite well for real-time ETL in Data Warehousing and it can be geographically available in almost real-time.
  7. The interesting idea that can be archive via OGG is something like, you can separate heterogeneous database for different function (like oracle for write and mysql for read) and make the data available realtime. This architecture help when lots of reading needed on the data.
  8. Replication can be bi-direction, heterogeneous and multi master multi slave.

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